Vedic Cosmology


This is a diagram of the Sankhya (empirical) philosophy of Sage Kapila and is regarded as the one of the oldest philosophical systems of India.  It shows how Purusha (Spirit/Consciousness/Male) and Prakriti (Matter/Creation/Female) bond together to create the universal mind/intelligence (Buddhi) and descend into desire, identification and individuation of the Ego (Ahamkar).  This Ego then expresses through 3 qualities known as the Gunas: Rajas, Tamas, and Sattva. These 3 Gunas, or universal impulses, are the main dynamics used to qualify all of mind and matter as we know it.

Rajas: Activity, Passion and Desire
Tamas: Stability, Inertia and Ignorance
Sattva: Harmony, Peace and Purity

In Vedic Astrology, the 9 planets and the constellations of sky are understood through the classification of the 3 Gunas. We can understand the greater context of the nature and functioning of the 9 planets through knowing its Guna.

Rajasic:  Venus, Mercury 
Tamasic: Mars, Saturn, Rahu  Ketu
Sattvic:  Sun, Moon, Jupiter
(Note: Mercury has the capacity to operate in all three gunas but typically brings stimulation and therefore is considered Rajasic.)

Then these universal impulses (Gunas) further densify into form giving the 5 elements:

Rajas:  Fire
Tamas:  Earth and Water
Sattva:  Air and Ether

Each of the planets represents one of the 5 elements:

Earth:  Mercury
Water: Venus (Moon)
Fire: Mars (Sun, Ketu)
Air: Saturn (Rahu)
Ether: Jupiter

This video below shows how the 5 elements relate to the 3 bodily humors that make up one’s physical constitution known as Doshas.  Through qualifying the planets with the one of the Doshas we can diagnose the imbalances that one might have in their physical body.

Pita:  Sun, Mars and Ketu
Kapha:  Venus Moon and Jupiter
Vata:  Saturn, Rahu and (Moon and Mercury)
(Note: Mercury can be any one dosha or mixture of all 3 known as Tri-Doshic)


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