Nakshatras – Lunar Constellations



Much of the legends and lore of the Vedas were derived from the process of the ancient mystics communing with the sky. They understood the correlation between the journey of the Moon and the journey of the human soul. They observed that the Moon takes approximately 27 days to complete one rotation around the ecliptic and divided the sky into 27 sectors. They meditated on the fixed stars within each sector and identified each division as a fundamental psychological dynamic of human consciousness.

The fixed stars, known as the Nakshatras, are found within each of the 12 Sun signs from Aries to Pisces. By studying and experiencing each of the Nakshatras we can know the deeper psychological functioning of the 12 Sun signs. As the Moon travels through these sectors, one day at a time, the light energy of these constellations dissipates through the prism of the Moon onto the Earth. The ancient mystics meditated on the fixed stars within each of the 27 divisions and received the story of creation which animates our current moment.

Each Nakshatra is associated with a particular God or Goddess that brings with it a certain personality and motivation.  The legends and mythology of each deity reveals a particular theme that we may be acting out in our lifetimes.  By understanding the lessons of the stories we can see a bigger picture and gain great wisdom which allows us to make better choices in our life.

Beyond the rich mythology of the Nakshatras there are many detailed qualities for each that help us understand the subtle nuances. Planets placed in a particular Nakshatra modifies the planets nature and mixes with the qualities of the Nakshatra.  One of the most interesting qualities of each Nakshatra is that it emits a particular power known as its Shakti. By knowing the Shakti of each constellation we can align our daily activities with its special power, and of course, we can understand our own particular powers that are latent within.

It is good to have an intellectual understanding of each of the Nakshatras, however, it is even better to have an experience of each so that we may gain an intuitive knowing.   Through mantra, meditation and yoga we can begin to unlock the power (Shakti) of the Nakshatras and fully groc the nature of each.  Below are links to each of the Nakshatras where we will go in depth into there nature and functioning along with practices to help us experience the sky.

1. Ashwini
2. Bharani
3. Kritikka
4. Rohini
5. Mrigasira
6. Ardra
7. Punarvasu
8. Pushya
9. Ashlesha
10. Magha
11. PurvaPhalguni
12. UttaraPhalguni
13. Hasta
14. Chitra
15. Swati
16. Vishakha
17. Anuradha
18. Jyeshtha
19. Mula
20. Purva Ashadha
21. Uttara Ashadha
22. Shravana
23. Dhanishta
24. Shatabisha
25. Purva Badrapada
26. Uttara Badrapada
27. Revati