Moksha Bhavas – 4th, 8th and 12th Houses

Moksha-BhavasMoksha Bhavas
4th, 8th and 12th Houses

4th Bhava/House (Sukha Bhava)

Keywords:  Mothering, Peace of Mind, Feelings, Home, Early Education, Ancestors,

Signifies:  Our inner life and foundation in the world.  It is all things that happen behind closed doors literally in your home and figuratively in your inner emotional world.  It is where we come from, our mother and our ancestry, the source of our incarnation, therefore giving us the chance at liberation.

Relates to:  Cancer

Indicator (Karaka):  Moon and Venus

8th Bhava/House (Mrityu Bhava)

Keywords:  Transformation, Death/Rebirth, Investigation, Mystery, Insecurity, Chronic Disease

Signifies:  All things unseen and unknown.  It shows the breaks and changes that are out of our control.  It is where we penetrate into the mysteries to find answers.  Astrology and Psychology are considered 8th house phenomenon. It also shows other peoples money/resources that are usually out of our control such as inheritance.

Relates to:  Scorpio

Indicator (Karaka): Saturn

12th Bhava/House (Moksha Bhava)

Keywords: Liberation, Loss, Fulfillment, Foreign travel/people, Places removed from society

Signifies: The letting go and giving back of the physical world.  It is where we remove ourselves from the material and social world and seek solitude.  It also reveals far distant travel on a mundane level and pure enlightenment on a spiritual level.

Relates to:  Pisces

Indicator (Karaka):  Saturn and Ketu