Kama Bhavas – 3rd, 7th and 11th Houses


 Kama Bhavas
3rd, 7th, and 11th Houses

3rd Bhava/House (Sahaja Bhava)

Keywords:  Courage, Expression, Interests, Siblings

Signifies:  Our innate nature of expression revealing the quality of ones courage and self-will.  It is the fundamental way in which we express our ideas.

Relates to:  Gemini

Indicator (Karaka):  Mars

7th Bhava/House (Kalatra Bhava)

Keywords:  Relationships (Romantic and Business), Contracts

Signifies:  All 1 on 1 relationships where we learn about ourselves through another.  It shows how we evolve and grow through attempting union with that which we do not have in ourselves.  The most difficult Yoga to practice!

Relates to:  Libra

Indicator (Karaka): Venus for Men, Jupiter and Venus for Women

11th Bhava/House (Labha Bhava)

Keywords:  Friends, Community, Income, Ambition

Signifies:  How we fulfill our desire with Friends and Community.  It is where we have our biggest hopes and ambitions seeking status and fame. Your Network is your Net Worth and therefore the 11th house shows our ability make gains and income. It is where we seek to universalize our connection to the collective

Relates to:  Aquarius

Indicator (Karaka):  Jupiter