Dharma Bhavas – 1st, 5th and 9th Houses



Dharma Bhavas
Purpose, Duty, Direction


1st Bhava/House (Thanu Bhava)

Keywords:  Physical Body, Direction, Personality

Signifies:  The physical body and the direction/path that it is going.  It is the most important house as it shows the overall wellbeing and attitude of the individual. It is considered the greatest orientation of the personality next to the Moon’s disposition. It is the area in the sky where the energy of the constellation (and any planets) comes in and imbues itself upon the physical body as well as the personality.

Relates to:  Aries

Indicator (Karaka):  Sun

5th Bhava/House (Putra Bhava)

Keywords:  Creative Passions, Children, Romance, Intelligence, Way of connecting to the Divine, Past-life gifts

Signifies:  The creative passions of our Dharma.  It is the technique in which we do our purpose and the passion that we bring to it.  It also shows our creations including our children.  It is the quality of the mind and intellect gained from past-life experiences.

Relates to:  Leo

Indicator (Karaka): Jupiter

9th Bhava/House (Dharma Bhava)

Keywords:  Higher Knowledge, Philosophy, Teacher/Guru, Father, Fortune, Spiritual Pilgrimages

Signifies:  The greatest expression of our Dharma showing our beliefs, our philosophy and our spiritual path.  It shows our ability to give and receive higher knowledge.  It is also connected to long distance travel and the greater perspective gained as a result.

Relates to:  Sagittarius

Indicator (Karaka):  Jupiter and Sun