Artha Bhavas – 2nd, 6th and 10th Houses


Artha Bhavas
2nd, 6th and 10th Houses

2nd Bhava/House (Dhana Bhava)

Keywords:  Acquisition, Wealth, Food, Security, Speech

Signifies:  What the soul needs to acquire attain enlightenment and fulfillment.  It relates to everything that comes in and out of the mouth including food and speech.  It also translates to ones money and resources in addition to domestic family support.

Relates to:  Taurus

Indicator (Karaka):  Jupiter

6th Bhava/House (Roga Bhava)

Keywords:  Work, Obstacles, Disease, Service, Healing

Signifies:  The hard work that needs to be done to achieve passions (of the 5th house).  It is what we need to overcome through our own self-will and effort.  It is the process of  purification removing the bad and sorting our the good.  It shows how we compete and debate with other people.  Strong 6th house indicates natural healing abilities and a warrior spirit

Relates to:  Virgo

Indicator (Karaka): Mars and Saturn

10th Bhava/House (Karma Bhava)

Keywords:  Action, Career, Right Vocation, Status, Leadership

Signifies:  Our career and offering to the world (hopefully) in alignment with purpose. How we show up in the world giving us status and recognition.

Relates to:  Capricorn

Indicator (Karaka):  Sun, Jupiter, Mercury, Saturn