I’ve had 2 readings, one year apart, so far with Sharu.  I’d like to share that I’ve really appreciated his skills at giving me in depth readings and follow-up.  I received the help I needed to clarify some points, as well as right to the point new material for my mediation practice.  After our session over the phone, I felt more confident within myself to make some choices and look at uncertainty with a more peaceful mind, with new ways of looking at things.  Sharu is insightful, encouraging and precise in his readings.  He is generous of his time and presence, he has focus, compassion, clarity, and listening skills!  I highly recommend him for your vedic astrology readings…Discover new depths of your Self and enjoy!

Christel Pierron

If you are needing more insight and guidance on your path I highly recommend getting a reading from the knowledgeable wizard Sharu.  He’s recently done a couple reading for my lover and I and in the past he’s done one for just me.  Both times I walked away with more clarity and confirmation that I am exactly where I am meant to be…with a better understanding of what’s going on for me in the bigger picture.  He gets very specific.  He records the session so you can be more present while getting the reading and listen back to it later.  Good stuff, thank you Sharu.

Eliza Bast Moon

Aryn and I had a powerful reading with Sharu!  The insights that Sharu provided was profound and really helped us both see aspects of ourselves that we could have easily otherwise not seen and he offered the in a very gentle loving and kind way.  He also gave us a great forecast as to what we can expect in our upcoming years together as a couple and how we can use this technology and insight to deepen our connection and relationship.  Really valuable to have confirmation that the stars on our side! What a Blessing!

Christie Shankari Gabai