Vedic Astrology

Illuminate the Fullest Potential of your Life Path (Dharma)


 “I walked away with more clarity and confirmation that I am exactly where I am meant to be”
Eliza Moon,

“I felt totally seen for all of my strengths and inspired to shed more light on the areas of my life that have been more challenging
Brittany Barrett, Founder of

“I haven’t had a full day off in two weeks (this is good! lots of new clients!) and I attribute this to the wonderful astrology reading and kundalini meditation prescription given to me by Sharu.” —Summer Egland, CMT NCTMB and founder of Exceptional Message Therapy 

I’m Sharu and I’m here to answer your biggest questions about purpose, money, relationships, and living location so you can take your next steps with confidence clarity, and inspiration. I have been trained by a world renowned Vedic Astrologer for many years and have given over a thousand readings. I continue to be astounded at the precision and accuracry that this ancient science of divination offers in seeing who you are as well as your past, present and future.